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Cars, Vans, HGVs, Buses, Forklift Trucks in fact any internal combustion engine vehicle? Our experts can assess and analyse your operation and advise on the best package solution to move you on to an alternative fuel such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

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Gas Fuelling Technology offers Consultancy and Project Management services to those who are considering the use of environmentally clean gaseous fuelling systems for vehicles and other applications such as power generation. We can also help with non-pipeline gas distribution systems where the gas pipeline infrastructure is weak or non existent.




GFT will undertake an initial review of your current systems and vehicles. Following an analysis of the information obtained, we will prepare a Report indicating potential alternative solutions together with the operational, financial and environmental benefits.


The next stage is an in-depth analysis of your system and potential requirements. This may involve detailed site surveys, vehicle (fleet) operational analysis, vehicle type requirements, on site utility capacities etc. All the data obtained will then be assembled and analysed to produce a Deliverables Report. This report will be agreed with you and used to define the alternative systems requirements and parameters.


Using this Deliverables Report as the basis for your needs, GFT will prepare recommendations detailing all the equipment required to fulfil those defined needs. This will include all civils, electricals, utility, control and operational requirements needed to supply, install, commission and operate the proposed system and vehicles. Full costing and financial analysis will also be included.


The final Report from this Consultancy Project
will then form the basis for the implementation of the Project by the project management team.
Complete System Solutions

Project Management

The project management can be carried out by your own staff, or GFT will undertake this service in collaboration with your own team or as a separate management exercise.

We have the skills and experience to undertake the complete management of the project from specifying equipment, fuel and systems, negotiation, purchasing, delivery, installation, commissioning, operational training and implementing services and maintenance systems – the complete Systems Solution.
UK Gas Distribution
Gas is delivered to the seven reception points by gas producers operating rigs, in about 100 fields beneath the sea around the British Isles.
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CNG, Compressed Natural Gas, is the world's fastest growing alternative fuel.
The number of Natural Gas Vehicles is growing at the rate of over 70,000 vehicles per month.

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