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Alternative Fuels and CNG

Cars, Vans, HGVs, Buses, Forklift Trucks in fact any internal combustion engine vehicle? Our experts can assess and analyse your operation and advise on the best package solution to move you on to an alternative fuel such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

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CNG (compressed natural gas ) is the worlds fastest growing alternative fuel.

Natural Gas Vehicles have been around for nearly 100 years.

There are nearly 5 million NGVs on the road today.

These vehicles are being fuelled by over 9,000 Natural Gas Filling stations.
Why have we seen such dramatic growth?
CNG has established benefits to offer over other alternative fuels they include:

Cost Savings

Compressed Natural Gas costs between 30% and 60% less than conventional fuels.
Vehicle conversion cost is dependent on vehicle type, with pay back period depending on pattern of use and annual mileage.
Changing to natural gas will require an initial investment. However GFT can quantify the cost and also demonstrate the reduction in overheads together with the resultant payback.

Using CNG will reduce overheads for example:

GFT offers expert advice on other cost savings in the UK for example:

Fuel Duty

Fuel duty on CNG is 0.09p/kg and the government has agreed to maintain the differential with diesel on a rolling 3 year basis'.

Exemption from Congestion Charge - London

Natural Gas vehicles are exempt from this charge.
NB Please be aware that it is Transport for London who decide vehicle eligibility for the 100% Congestion Charge discount.


Funding is potentially available for innovative solutions, programmes, information, and campaigns to reduce the damaging effects of road transport on the environment.

Reduced Vehicle Excise Duty

Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is linked to Carbon dioxide emissions and fuel type. NGVs pay less VED than their equivalent petrol or diesel.

Fuel Availability

In considering converting to CNG, one of the biggest questions is establishing a suitable supply of CNG.
GFT have long term business connections with the market leaders.
Our site analysis will enable us to evolve a solution matched to our clients needs and within our recommendations we will provide a full site and cost analysis.

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Environmental Benefits

Running vehicles on natural gas has a positive effect on the environment
Examples include:


Natural Gas and Natural gas vehicles are very safe.
Long Term Supply of Natural Gas

Car drop test

Cars dropped from 10, 17, 23 and 30 meters with CNG tanks intact and not leaking.
This is a very visual representation of vehicle safety, however, tests and demonstrations like these simply support the very rigorous testing that CNG has undergone to ensure that it meets international levels of safety.

CNG Stations

Stations comply with standards and regulations specific to their country – however a process of harmonisation is in progress to make the standards international.

Supply Security and Longevity

Countries dependant on imported oil can gain some protection in the event of an international oil crises by shifting to indigenous natural gas for its transport. Natural gas reserves are found worldwide and new fields are being discovered. The substitution of natural gas for refined liquid fuels also reduces the dependence on refining capacity and/or imports of refined fuel.

The investments being made in CNG by countries, governments and businesses show their commitment and confidence in the security of gas supplies.

There is growing support in the UK for NGVs, because of economics and the environmental pressures to meet promised emissions reductions.

How can we bring these benefits to you?

Having outlined the generic benefits of using natural gas for your vehicle fuel, GFT appreciate that to make the switch, clients need an individual analysis showing cost benefits in a more tangible and specific manner.
We can offer this assessment and analysis.

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UK Gas Distribution
Gas is delivered to the seven reception points by gas producers operating rigs, in about 100 fields beneath the sea around the British Isles.
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The number of Natural Gas Vehicles is growing at the rate of over 70,000 vehicles per month.

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